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Your people. Our passion. 

At PeopleCore, we believe that people are the core to your organization's success. Harness the power of customized training and people solutions to drive individual and organizational performance to the next level.

Our Focus

Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada we consult with organizations across North America in a variety of sectors including oil & gas, mining, transportation, construction, manufacturing, government, and professional practices.


We bring our wide industry expertise and work with your people, processes, and systems to deliver targeted solutions to meet your specific needs. From implementing organization-wide programs to developing focused products, we bridge the gap between you and other areas of your organization to deliver on your goals.

Our solutions focus on being proactive, reducing risk, changing behaviours, and exceeding standards to increase both individual and organizational performance.


Technical & Safety



Emergency Preparedness
& Response


People Optimization

We offer various levels of customization
to suit your needs. 

Our approach allows us to tailor solutions to your specific goals, organizational structure, and budget. Whether you have pre-defined work to be completed or aren't sure where to start, we can adapt quickly with our four customization levels. 


Check &


“Our team has the capability to complete the work, but some guidance and resources along the way would be helpful.” ​




“Our team knows what we need to fix, but we need help determining where to focus our efforts. Check-ins along the way would help keep us on track.”​




"Our team needs help identifying what to focus on and how to get there. We have the ability run the project once a strategy is in place."




"Our team does not have the resources or knowledge to solve this problem. We need help for the entirety of the project & implementation."

Our Clients

Regardless of the complexity of the learners’ individual needs, PeopleCore will move your organization forward with learning products that far exceed expectations.
Their experience in all steps of the learning and training processes is almost impossible to find.

Katherine Severson
Emergency Management Unit Sergeant, Calgary Police Service

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