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Our solutions impact your people at all levels: individual, team, and organization. Improve performance = improve results! 

Is training really the answer? Ask the flowchart.

Customized Training Solutions

We use research-based methods to develop and implement learning solutions for all types of applications.


We focus on the people experience where content is relevant and easily accessible. We want people spending less time reading and more time doing - through scenarios and experiential learning. 


By building effective learning products, people retain more information in less time leading to higher productivity, reduced risk, and increased compliance. Some of our technical and safety learning solutions include:

  • Competency development

  • Role-based course mapping

  • Audit & recommendations of external courses

  • ROI assessment on internal course development

  • Translate written processes and procedures into learning products

  • Course development including safety onboarding programs for new employees

  • SMS integration & LMS implementation

  • Learning data & analytics

  • eLearning development & content digitization

  • Interactive content - video, 3D, VR, scenarios, gamification

  • Mobile accessible content

  • Assessment & evaluations

Technical & Safety Training

Emergency Preparedness & Response Planning 

Many of our clients work in regulated industries that require emergency response plans and ongoing training to be prepared for such an event. 

PeopleCore has a team of experts with extensive backgrounds in law enforcement and fire response to ensure your organization is prepared. We will strategically plan, design, and facilitate in the following areas:  

  • Tabletop exercises

  • Scenarios & role-playing

  • Emergency Operations Centers

  • Emergency response

  • Incident management

  • Incident investigation

  • ICS Levels 100-400

  • Interoperability for first responders


"Under pressure, you don’t rise to the occasion, you fall to the level of your training".

- unknown

Emergency Preparedness & Response Planning 

“It’s not just the talent you bring to your organization - Its also the organization you bring to your talent”.

- Talent Optimization: A New Approach to People, Corpus Optima

People Optimization Solutions

We believe high individual and organizational performance happens when processes and culture work together to equip and continually motivate your people. This is what we call "people optimization". 

We use a variety of tools to align your processes, build a positive culture, and motivate your people from recruitment to retention. With an operational and organizational focus, we ensure that our work translates into measurable benefits. Some of our work in this area includes: 

  • Performance management & measurement, 360 Feedback

  • Leadership development and coaching

  • Team training & assessments using Everything DiSC & The 5 Behaviors

  • Job role competency development 

  • Process development

  • Onboarding programs 

  • Career progression planning

  • Recruitment and retention audits, strategy development 

  • Succession planning

  • HRIS implementation

  • Workplace English Language (ESL) Training: Live group and 1-1 sessions

People Optimization Solutions
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